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10 Tips How To Save Money On Health Insurance In USA

10 Tips How To Save Money On Health Insurance In USA
Written by EVE Gears

Today, we will discuss important things that you may want to use to your advantage when shopping for

health insurance.

if you offer the health insurance plan along with other employee benefits at work, well good for you and

you can still benefit from the information presented in this article.

So, whether you are comparing plans offered by your employer, or buying an

individual insurance plan yourself, please take full advantage of this

information, as it could save you big bucks during the open enrollment and allow you to select

a good health insurance plan for the entire year.

Well, health care in the united states has its merits and flaws.

However, it’s a no-brainer to me that everyone really needs to have health insurance.

if you don’t have a health insurance plan, that could be a financial risk for obvious reasons.

So, let’s go over 10 important things to look for when choosing a health insurance plan.

first of all,  mark your calendar with the dates when the open enrollment is active in your state.

this is the only time when you can apply for health insurance, unless you qualify for a special enrollment.

in most states the open enrollment starts in november and ends in mid-december.

 Although,  many states have extensions and open enrollment lasts longer in California.

the open enrollment lasts for three months from november first through January 31st.

If you offered employee benefits at work, check with your HR department when is the specific open enrollment at your company.

make sure you check if you qualify for an advance premium tax credit, if you well you will be surprised how many people lose on this opportunity and don’t take full advantage of a subsidy offered via exchanges.

for example, if you reside in california and your income for a family of four is around 160k per year,

you can still qualify for a lower monthly premium.

Besides,  the american rescue plan allows many individuals who never qualified for any subsidies or discounts to qualify for the first time for a reduction intheir health insurance premiums.

Ppos, hmos, well which one is best?

Um, ppo is a preferred provider organization.

Typically, the ppo health and transplants are more expensive, but those would allow you to have more flexibility.

Specifically, with the ppo plan you’re not required to select your primary care doctor, you can

go to any specialist without an appointment and you basically can go to any doctor.

Although, you will pay less if you see a doctor that’s in network with your insurance.

hmos are a bit cheaper, but with the hmo you will have to stay in network for care.

 select the primary care provider and get referrals to see a specialist.

in any case, it makes sense to look at various health plans before you decide to purchase a specific one.

Also, estimate your real costs that’s very important. even though, getting a basic bronze plan with the high deductible seems smart for someone that is low risk and rarely sees a doctor, it

is a wise to look at your specific situation when determining whether a

bronze silver gold or platinum plan will work best for you.

Definitely, run a side-by-side comparison of various plans and ask yourself, how high are the monthly premiums, what are the co-payments, how high is the deductible?

what plan would make the most financial sense to get?

Also,  understand the restrictions when buying a health insurance plan.

you will have to understand that certain things are not covered by medical insurance.

for adults, dental and vision insurance is not including in included in a

medical plan, so if you need it you can just edit separately.

Also, cosmetic or alternative medicine is not

covered by a medical insurance plan, so if you’re buying health insurance in

order to cover your massages, well you

will be disappointed.

 those are not covered by a medical insurance plan in

the united states

also make sure you look at a major

medical insurance plan and not at some

sort of disability or other type of plan

that is not considered insurance by law

do not leave your phone number online

for salespeople to call you about health

plans this is not a good idea if you’re

looking for health insurance quotes

online and had to fill a quote from a

form or an application you know what i’m

talking about

please do yourself a favor and don’t do

this most of this cold calls come from

people that don’t even have a license

and will hard sell you something that

might not work instead

look for an independent licensed

insurance agent in your local community

who can help or go directly to the

official exchanges to run quotes um

yourself but never never give away your

phone number and email online

and get hundreds of phone calls for


check with your employer and see if they

provide employee benefits that include

health insurance most of the employers

offer a generous package to the

employees that include medical insurance

dental vision pension plans life

insurance as well as other perks if you

are offered a plan at work make sure to

take advantage of that offer as those

are typically pretty good

and the employer is required to cover at

least 50 percent of the cost

if you’re a business owner or run a

small business perhaps you may look into

the possibility to offer yourself and

your employees a health insurance

package there are certain requirements

and not all small businesses qualify for

group insurance but if you’re a small

business owner you may want to check the

requirements in your state or reach out

to certified insurance agent who can

help with group health insurance for

your corporation

if you’re self-employed you can still

take some

tax advantages and save a hundred

percent on your health insurance

premiums you may check out with your

accountant to see if you qualify

and since we’re talking about tax

advantages definitely look into the hsa

plans these are the health savings

accounts that allow you to set aside

money on a pre-tax basis to pay for


medical expenses in order to open an hsa

account by irs rules you will have to

show proof that you are enrolled in a

high deductible health insurance plan

you can’t use the money from the hsa

account to pay for the monthly premiums

but you can use to pay for co-pays

co-insurance deductible and remember

these are pre-tax money

there are rules and restrictions related

to qualifications of the hsa accounts so

do some research and see if this would

work best for you

so that’s all for now if you have

questions feel free to address it in the

comments below or reach out directly to

us we love helping people

we are an independent insurance agency

in california helping individuals

families and small businesses find

affordable health insurance plans that

would work best for them and allow them

to save money and of course if you found

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one more thing don’t forget to share

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might benefit from it stay healthy


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