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The curls come out beautiful and i noticed that they stay for longer. I use the Airwrap for everything now, it comes with a strong dryer too, so thats nice!


It works!! I LOVE IT!!!

It took me a minute to get use to to it but now I am a pro lol the airwrap looks super nice and fancy! Thank you!


My boyfriend bought me this hairdryer as a birthday gift and man did he nail it! I have always wanted this but would never spend that kind of money on myself, but had I known it’s magic I totally would’ve because it is incredible and lives up to all the hype for sure!
I love my hair, I’m at the salon every 5 weeks and never skip an appointment, I even drive an hour just to get there because I will not change my colorist no matter where I decide to move to!


I’ve always wanted to own one, but kind of hesitate on the price. Well I couldn’t agree more with the phrase “you get what you paid”. This hair dryer does its job. It takes less time to dry my hair and it doesn’t give out hot air that you feel like it burn your scalp like other hair dryer. It comes with all the attachments. What I like the most is the flyaway attachment. After using this my hair is not frizzy especially on a humid weather. It’s such a great investment. I hope it will last as long as one of the Dyson vacuum I bought years ago.

Jane Bit

Fast 💨 and the diffuser “French kiss”
Dries my hair, and I got a lot of hair, so fast! And for my curls, the diffuser is a game changer! My curls are purrring! Seriously Dyson, stop taking all my money. My collection is almost complete. So I’ll be broke but oh so cute. Okuuuuur. 😂


My daughter has insisted that I buy this hairdryer. I tried to justify spending THAT much money on a…..hairdryer!! Wow! But, when my hairdresser insisted that the attachments were “hands down”, the best ever, I went for it! I love the hairdryer. The diffuser and straightener are a great feature!!


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