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Mini Arcade Game
Mini Arcade Game

Mini Arcade Game

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Thanks to the popularity of Stranger Things and the reboot of Star Wars there’s never been a better time to be retro.

Sadly for some things, like Tab Clear, highly flammable clothing, microwave pizza pancakes and Ronald Reagan, the popularity of retro doesn’t apply to everything. Sorry Ronald, only the really awesome stuff is getting to ride the wave a second time round.

Stuff like this Mini Arcade Game.

When machines like this hit the arcades in the olden days you had to queue up to use them, jostling and waiting with coins clutched in your sweaty adolescent hands. Then, when it was finally your turn, the pressure of all your friends, watching want willing you to fail so that they could get their turn, was too much for some kids to take.

But things have changed. This little gizmo comes packed with 240, 16-bit old-school games built in beautiful, brilliant, retro technicolour and it’s all yours to play on for as long as you like.

Zero coins required.

Crack those knuckles and prepare for an epic gaming marathon, because this desktop size arcade game is just bristling with games from all genres, from racing and sports to puzzles, shoot-em-ups and fantasy. Time to get your geek on.

Measures about 15cm tall

Requires 3xAA batteries (not included)

Has some sweet, sweet flame decals.

Has 200 Classic Games - none of which you've heard of before, but they're still fun as hell

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